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Rosemary Musoleno in Un Ballo in Maschera

Rosemary Musoleno as Oscar with Leo Nucci as Renato, Un Ballo in Maschera, Marseille Opera

“A very important revelation was

Rosemary Musoleno...

Displaying great self confidence and very mindful of musical values and accuracy, she gallantly projected to the heavens the fluid and brilliant tones of her soprano.”

Le Meridional, Marseilles Opera


Debut, Marseille Opera, France

Leo Nucci, Leona Mitchell, Walter Fraccaro, Rita Gorr

“A very interesting discovery . . . that of a 'princely' Oscar: a truly lovely and youthful Rosemary Musoleno who, while singing with the greatest of ease as if it were child's play, gave us a sassy and sprightly performance.”

La Marseillaise

“Very impressive was Rosemary Musoleno, who Oscar was all thrills! Along with her personal charm and engaging stage presence -- she was rightfully greeted with a huge ovation!”

Le Provencal

“The appearance of such young performers as . . . Rosemary Musoleno (Oscar) and even more, Walter Fraccaro (Riccardo) with such an experienced cast might raise fears regarding the overall balance of the performance . . . but proved totally unfounded. A very musical Rosemary Musoleno created an Oscar filled with life and performed her role with distinction.”

Opera International

Rosemary Musoleno in Un Ballo in Maschera