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Rosemary Musoleno in Un Ballo in Maschera

Rosemary Musoleno as Oscar with Leo Nucci as Renato, Un Ballo in Maschera, Marseille Opera

“A very important revelation was

Rosemary Musoleno...

Displaying great self confidence and very mindful of musical values and accuracy, she gallantly projected to the heavens the fluid and brilliant tones of her soprano.”

Le Meridional, Marseilles Opera

Musetta, LA BOHEME

Debut, San Diego Opera

Richard Leech, Rodolfo; Patricia Racette, Mimi; Mark Oswald, Marcello; Edoardo Muller, conductor

“And Rosemary Musoleno, who plays Musetta, is absolutely exceptional.”

San Diego Blade Citizen

“Rosemary Musoleno's Musetta is fresh and free from the shrill, shrewish overacting of many sopranos who undertake this complex role. She brings the utmost thought and care to achieve a sympathetic, believable character rather than a brazen stage hussy.”

San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times

“Rosemary Musoleno struts and flirts in high style, with plenty of vocal ease to match.”

San Diego Times Advocate

“Musoleno's voice -- tightly focused, vivid and highly controlled -- was a good contrast for Racette's darker vocal color. And Musoleno's extroverted and charming acting was thoroughly convincing.”

San Diego Union Tribune

Rosemary Musoleno as Musetta in La Boheme